Not in the mood to work? Here are some work excuses that are sure to work!

Work Excuses

It is a Monday morning and the very idea of work seems repulsive? To add to your woes you have an unfinished presentation and a boring board meeting, both very dull prospects to look forward to. The weather too has certain dullness in the air, which is adding fuel to your already dull mood. You would rather have an extended weekend and vegetate in front of the television or slumber on like a mummified Egyptian pharaoh then get to work today. The two hour long, bus ride to get to work, does little to motivate you to shrug off those morning blues and take on the world like a ninja warrior. These are all probably the real reasons why the prospect of work makes you wince and make that funny face where you look like a prisoner of war just waiting to be hanged. However, stating these reasons out, to your Hari Sadu of a boss is equivalent to self-execution and the prospect of talking to that bully seems worse then working. Don’t rack your brain on the perfect excuse; here are some fool-proof excuses that will get you off work in peace.
Excuses For Missing Work
  • You love your grand mother, but you can kill her for a day, besides isn’t she dead already? A death in the family and not even God can deny you leave. Highly recommended, one of the most fool proof excuses. However, do make sure you don’t use it too often, bad luck has a way of finding its way.
  • “I am fine physically, but mentally I am really disturbed”, if you can con your boss into believing that you mind is in a precariously delicate condition and you could turn into one of those psycho killers with a rifle, then getting leave is no biggie. If dramatized well enough, you could even scare your boss a teensy weensy bit. Don’t over do it, you might end up in a mental facility.
  • “I am sick, can’t get out of bed” the simplest of them all. However, this excuse is jinxed in an all-most eerie manner. Chances are that you will run into your boss while out with friends or a dumb colleague at work will give the slip. So while using this excuse, be very careful.
  • “My friend has come over; I need to show him around”. This doesn’t work all the time and use it only if you think your boss is probably in a long distance relationship. When asked where the friend stays, mention a different country. Don’t go honest by mentioning the next county!
  • “Oh! You mean I…I…had to finish the presentation, I swear I thought it was Stella” this is the famous blame it on the next person you see trick. This is to mainly avoid getting yelled at work, and must not be done too often.
  • “My laptop got corrupted! I had finished the presentation” saying I didn’t find time to do it is stupidity, blame it on technology. However, make sure you emphasize on the point that you don’t have a back up copy.
  • “I don’t have the necessary pre-requisite skills to do it, why didn’t I tell you? I thought you already knew!” this is famously known as “make your boss the moron, who didn’t know”. However if your boss has anything remotely resembling a brain, you are in for a bashing!

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