Learn about the courses as a yoga instructor and become a part of the few who show a healthy path of living to people clustered within the claws of work and stress.

Yoga Instructor Courses

Yoga, the ancient and the oldest health regime is also the safest of all and the most reliable of all fitness mantras. With people getting back to fitness and exercise routines, yoga which had lost its importance and was about to fade away in the thin air of time has proved its metal yet again. When the world is turning organic, why not follow a pure path towards fitness and good health? The popularity has also increased the demand for young trainers and instructors who can help people in performing and learning various asanas. There are yoga instructor courses offered by renowned colleges and institutions specifically to train youth perusing a career as a yoga instructor.

Courses As Yoga Instructor

Course Details


Knowledge about the basic asanas, flexible body, and determination to put in long hours of practice is what you need to become a yoga instructor. Students who have passed their higher secondary examinations from a renowned board in any discipline can apply for any of the yoga instructor courses. Candidates should posses a strong desire to learn and grow as a yoga instructor. Courses in yoga training are intense programs that help a person to integrate yoga training into one’s life. The courses will provide you with a strong foundation in the art of facilitating a yoga practice, both personally and professionally. 

Details Of The Course Curriculum

Yoga Fitness Trainer Course Advance
The level 2 of the training program is the most challenging one, even for the fitness trainers who have basic knowledge of the yogasanas. The course will impart knowledge about the new techniques in yoga, the breathing patterns, the five ways of doing yoga, meditation techniques, and mantras. Here are the topics of study of the course:

  • Roots of Yoga
  • Anatomy of muscle review
  • Yogasana and the body
  • Mind connection
  • Yogasana and exercise
  • Therapeutic benefits of practice
  • Personalizing Yoga for Individual Imbalances
  • Pranayama and Bandha
  • Mudra and Shatkarma
  • Power Yoga
  • Meditation and dhayanas
  • All advanced level Yoga possess like Chakrasana and Ardha Padma and Paschimottanasana

Bachelor In Yoga Education
The Bachelors program in yoga education is mostly a residential program in which the students are introduced to the basics of yoga instructions. The candidates are made to experience the life of a yogi in this course. They are taught to sit comfortably for more than half an hour in one asana; they are made to do Pranayama also for half an hour each. There are discussions held on the various subjects related to yoga, mind, yogic therapies etc. 

M.A In Yoga
The 2 yrs distant learning program in yoga is designed specifically to meet the growing demand for experts in the field of yoga, naturopathy, drugless therapies, meditation and inner and self healing. The content of the syllabus are as follows:

  • Indian Philosophy
  • Patanjali Yog Sutras and other Texts
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Principles of Yogic Lifestyle Intervention
  • Bahirang Yog
  • Antarang Yog
  • Yogic, Naturopathic & Modern Dietetics
  • Psychology, Mental Health & Yog
  • Applied Yog in Different Fields
  • Yogic Diagnosis & Holistic Treatments

M.Sc. Yoga Therapy
The candidates from science background can take up a M.Sc. program in yoga therapy. The subjects of study are as follows:

  • An introduction to Yoga
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Basic Medical Sciences
  • Yoga Practical – Asanas
  • Yoga Practical – Asanas & Kriyas
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Applied Medical Sciences
  • Yoga Practical – Asanas
  • Yoga practical –Pranayama, Bandha etc
  • Clinical Record & Viva Voce

Online Yoga Instructor Course
There are many institutions and sites that provide online courses as well. The list of chapters of an online course for a yoga instructor is:

  • Yoga Instructor Certification Program
  • Principles and Practices of Yoga
  • Stress and Yoga (Pranayama)
  • Fitness Theory and Terminology
  • Human Body Fundamentals and the Muscular System
  • Nutrition and Constituents of Food
  • Warming Up and Stretching
  • Standing Yoga Asanas
  • Sitting Yoga Exercises
  • Prone Yoga exercises
  • Supine Yoga Exercises
  • Inverted Yoga Exercises
  • Advanced Yoga Exercises
  • Managing Your Yoga Instructor Business

Skills Required
In order to excel in the field of a yoga instructor a person needs to have a hard working and focused personality. It is crucial for an aspiring instructor to be a good learner and should have the ability to understand the asanas well and learn them within no time. A friendly behaviour, right approach, sense of understanding and an ability to pick out even small difficulties faced by the students are few other prerequisites of a trained instructor.

Career Prospects
The craze for yoga is rising in a way that the traditional way of living has thousands of new followers every day. The rising popularity of yoga has increased the demand of trained instructors as there are new institutions and centres coming up rapidly to fit in its followers. A trained and qualified instructor can find a job in resorts, schools, health centres and even TV shows. One can even take up a job of a trainer in a gym, or open a private therapy centre.

Some Of The Best Institutes Offering This Course Globally
  • Yoga University, India - Yoga Vidya Gurukul, India
  • Maharishi Dayananda Saraswati University
  • Idhaya College For Women
  • The Global Open University
  • University of Calicut
  • Manipal University
  • Bharathidasan University
  • Jai Narain Vyas University
  • Mahatma Gandhi Chitrakoot Gramoday University
  • Kaivalya Yoga Vignana Kendra
  • Gffi Fitness Academy
  • Doctor Harisingh Gour University
  • Yoga Thailand
  • Aura Wellness Centre
  • Neo Yoga Center
  • Sivananda Yoga Europe
  • Yoga Ireland
  • Byron Yoga Centre. Australia
  • Dru Yoga Teacher Training, Melbourne
  • Trinity Yoga Teacher Training, Canada
  • White Lotus Foundation
  • Kundalini Rising International Yoga Academy
  • Yoga Elements Studio Bangkok
  • Prana Yoga Teaching College
  • Yoga Therapy Ireland
  • Pyramid Yoga Center in Koh Phangan, Thailand

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