A career in hospital management not only offers fabulous career building opportunities, but also the joys of contributing to humanity. This article sheds substantial light on this field.

Hospital Management Courses

Serving humanity adds intense meaning to a job. When it is coupled with monetary gains and personal benefits, it inevitably falls under the category of “dream jobs”. The healthcare sector is flourishing by the minute and in the eyes of globalization, demand for hospital administrators has drastically increased. Private hospitals and clinics are multiplying all around the world. Awareness with regards to importance of healthcare is on the rise and people are willing to forfeit large sums of money to avail of these indispensable benefits. Hospital management entails planning, organizing, staffing, co-ordinating, controlling and evaluating health services that aim to provide superior quality patient care at minimal cost in order to drop the escalating mortality rates. However, to make it this far, a professional qualification in medical care is essential. Keep reading to grasp a bigger picture of hospital management as a career.

Career in Hospital Management

Course Details
Courses in hospital management offer students a deep and significant insight into the hospital administration functions and tools. The curriculum imparts genuine training to medical and non-medical students in the hopes of empowering their abilities to deliver world-class healthcare. The program fundamentally includes indoctrination of management skills, principles of management, accounting and business communication, as well as specialized know-how on the marketing of hospital services and logistics management. This course also lays emphasis on prevention of communicable diseases, community health and nutrition. To pursue a ‘Bachelor of Hospital Administration’, a 10 +2 standard degree will suffice, with preference to science subjects. Post-graduate degrees and diplomas can be chosen thereafter. 

Career Prospects
Every establishment must be built over a strong foundation so as to not crumble into million pieces. The management team is an important driving force that keeps an institution intact. Healthcare and medical staff provides crucial planning and control service without which efficiency in hospitals will falter. The scope for the healthcare sector is indeed large and has opened several lucrative job opportunities for graduates. The emerging health insurance sector adds to the prospects of these professionals. Private hospitals are on the lookout for professional managers and administrators who have an understanding of general management and its application to the healthcare delivery systems.

Institutes Offering Hospital Management Courses
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, Apollo Institute of Hospital Administration, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad , Birla Institute of Technology, Rajasthan, India, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai , Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, Indian Institute of social Welfare and Management College, Kolkata, Institute of Health Services Management, London, United Kingdom, American College of Health Care Administrators, Arlington, Virginia, USA

When one starts off as a hospital administrator in India, the average salary would vary from Rs 15,000 to Rs 40,000 per month according to the policy and norms of the respective Institute applied to. If one works consistently and deserves a raise, a higher remuneration cannot be refused.

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