Technology management is a set of management disciplines that help organizations manage technology. Read your way through this article to know what it takes to build a career in managing technology.

Technology Management Courses

Technology management comprises a set of management disciplines that assist an organization in the management of its technology. An organization blessed with an abundance of technology but lacking the presence of technology management will indubitably fail to reap the advantages of technology. It is technology management that helps an organization decide on when and how much to invest in technology and when not to. The management of technology in an organization not only helps it to manage technology successfully, but also helps the organization score more over competition. Popular concepts used in technology management in an organization include technology strategy, technology mapping, technology portfolio, technology roadmapping and technology project portfolio. Technological strategy revolves around identifying the role of technology in an organization. Technology mapping comprises identification of the right technology for an organization. Technology portfolio refers to the technology in use, while technology roadmapping refers to identifying the limited number of technologies that are best suited for an organization. Lastly, technology project portfolio throws light on the technological projects under development. The role of technology management organization is to make and evaluate decisions on all of these technological variables. A career in technological management can be extremely rewarding and is best suited for those individuals who are zealous about technology. Read on to know what it takes to be eligible for a course in technology, the career prospects and the institutes offering courses in technology. 
Courses In Technology Management  

World over, there are a number of institutes offering courses in technology management. An individual can do a Bachelors course in technology management, a Masters course in technology management or even acquire a doctoral degree in the same. It is also possible for an individual to do certificate courses in technology management. To be eligible for a Bachelors course in technology management, an individual will have to be done with a 10+2 or an equivalent with the sciences as the core subjects. To be eligible for a Masters course in technology management, an individual will have to be done with a Bachelors program in the same or any other as per the requirements of the respective university. In order to be eligible for a doctoral degree in technology management, an individual will have to be done with both a Bachelors degree and Masters degree in the same or any other relevant discipline. 

Details Of The Course
A course in technology management is a unique business education program designed to help students familiarize themselves with technology and the management of the same. This is made possible through course work and practical experience. Courses will help students establish a distinct expertise in existent business and entrepreneurship practices in technology-based firms. Students who just happen to hail from a non-technological background, via a course in technology, be it a Bachelors or Masters degree will also be able to understand that much more better the world of technology. 

Career Prospects
Individuals with degrees in technology management and valuable experience in the management of technology will find it that much easier to land respectable managerial roles in companies. These individuals are most likely to play the role of a Chief Technology Officer, Director of Management Information Systems or Project Manager in the company they join. However, it must be mentioned here, that an individual in order to bag these coveted jobs should have against his/her name not just a Bachelors degree in Technology Management. Most companies also require their technology managers or directors to have a Masters degree in technology management and maybe even a PhD in the same. An individual will literally have to work his/her way to peak at the top of the ladder of success in technology management. The view from the top however guarantees rewards and gratification. 

Some Of The Institutes Offering Courses In Technology Management
  • Manipal University, India
  • University of Management and Technology, Mumbai, India
  • Florida Tech University Online, United States of America
  • Meritus University, New Brunswick, Canada
  • The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Alberta, Canada

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