Office cubicle etiquette is necessary to combat distraction and prevent conflicts. Read the article below to know more on office cubicle etiquette.

Office Cubicle Etiquette

A cubicle presents an organized look to an office that would otherwise have been considered as messy. Think of a workplace, not so long ago, when the entire floor looked like a mass of heads bent over their desks, with the workload and the voice of each spilling into the other. Into such a disorganized mass, the cubicle was brought in to bring about some sense of order. A cubicle not only gives a little bit of privacy but most importantly, it prevents unnecessary distractions that have a direct effect on the productivity of the organization. So, with almost all office spaces turning into cubicle zones, many employees are now faced with the task of adjusting to this new mode of workplace arrangement. In almost all offices, it can be seen that many people are yet to get over their hangover of cubicle-free office spaces. You can see them indulge in speaking and laughing loudly, calling loudly to others across the floor, interrupting others in their work; in short behaving as if the cubicle walls did not exist at all. This calls for a certain set of etiquettes that is necessary for the employees to behave in an office cubicle setup. These set of etiquettes will ensure that no employee is considered as a pest to the others. To know more on office cubicle etiquette read below for a few tips.

Etiquette For Office Cubicle 

  • A cubicle is a person’s personal space at the office, so, make sure that you do not barge into another person’s cubicle without permission.
  • Like your own room, a cubicle is also a reflection of your personality. So, take care to keep it neat and tidy.
  • Be aware that a cubicle does not restrict noise. Any loud voice that you make can distract others. Your every word can be heard by others so it is better that you speak softly.
  • Never use the speakerphone in a cubicle for the same reason that it could disturb others.
  • Privacy at the cubicle is very less. Therefore, discussing confidential matters at the cubicle displays bad sense. Instead, discuss such matters in the conference room.
  • When you leave the cubicle, take your cell phone along with you, or keep it on silent mode on the desk so that in case it rings it does not distract others. If you are going for a long duration, like for lunch, then keep your desk phone on call divert or turn your answering machine on.
  • In a cubicle, space is of minimum and so if you have a number of people to meet then instead of interacting with them at your desk it is best that you use the boardroom. This will ensure that the people you are meeting are not constrained by space and so are relaxed and also your colleagues will be saved from any interruptions and distraction.
  • A cubicle is fairly public and so there is always the danger of eavesdropping involuntarily. In case you overhear any confidential matters then don’t go and say it to others. Pretend as if you have never heard anything. Also, do not try to join in to any conversation that you overhear even if you are familiar with the subject in discussion. Join in only when asked.
  • When someone is on the phone then stay away from using sign language and whispering to attract his or her attention. Also, never intrude into someone who is looking busy and doing some work.
  • Do not discuss private matters in your cubicle no matter how pressing it may be.
  • Do not eat anything in the cubicle or keep it to a minimum. The smell and noise can be offensive to some people.
  • Instead of hollering someone on the other cubicle, it is better if you use the phone or go and call the person. Also, never ask someone else to call the person that you want.
  • Do not use strong perfume, as it can be quite irritating to others.

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