Banking jobs require you to write a resume in a specific style. Read this article to find information on how to write an effective resume for a banking job.

Banking Jobs Resume

A banking career is historically associated with a well paying, secure job and a high stature in society. Bank employees are a respected lot as they take care of everyone else’s assets and savings. They are also knowledgeable about taxes and loans and thus, their advice is much sought after. So it is no surprise that students still apply for banking jobs in huge numbers. And not just commerce/economic students, majority of bank officials are from other fields of education. MBAs, CAs and CFAs are preferred in multinational banks as they put a high weightage on quality education. When applying for a banking job, you need to keep certain things in mind while making a resume. First and foremost, you should be articulate and organized in your resume as recruiters look for qualities which a banker must possess. Whatever you write in your resume should be able to convince the recruiters that you have the necessary skills to be in the banking industry. Your aim of writing a resume must be to get selected for an interview. Thus, you should also learn to be precise with information in the resume and expand on the bulleted points in the interview. Read on to know more about how to write a resume for a banking job.
Tips For Banking Jobs Resume
  • Your resume should be completely error free, as bankers need to be perfect. Even small mistakes can cost the bank a lot of money. So make sure the format and alignments are all perfect. Proof read the resume multiple times for grammatical and typographical errors.
  • Make your resume specific to the bank you are applying to. Know their philosophy and their work areas. The recruiters will be all the more eager to call you if you show that your areas of interest coincide with the bank’s.
  • Make sure all the details, which you give in the resume, are authentic and true. Banks always have the means to verify information, thus, never think of providing inaccurate information.
  • When writing about your work experience, focus on the all the job profiles which are relevant to the banking job. In case you have had many short-term jobs, skip the ones with little relevance to banking or economics.
  • Voluntary work, social service, and affiliations to other causes are also appreciated by recruiters, so make sure you mention them.
Banking Job Resume Sample
Rahul Mehta
1234, West 67 Street,
Andheri, Bombay.
022- 5566743
To secure the position of General Manager with a bank where I can effectively utilize my skills for the synergic growth of the organization and myself.
General Manager
Oriental Co-operative Bank, September 2001 to Present
  • Evaluated present market conditions and allocated resources to different products and services accordingly.
  • Headed the organization with complete P&L responsibilities, reporting to Owners.
  • Hired and trained 30 employees and attained the significant productivity levels from them in a duration of 6 months.
  • Produced meticulous budgets for a number of operations, tracked the expenditures, and reviewed exceptions.
Assistant Manager
Community Savings Bank, July 1998 to August 2001
  • Managed in-depth records of all industry activities to achieve the regulatory needs.
  • Visited several company locations frequently to ensure smooth processes and inspection.
  • Trained and headed a workforce of a number of managers and built operational principles.
  • Designed employee schedules, hired, and trained temporary workforce for busy season.
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi
MBA, Finance, and Accounting.

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