Planning a career in copywriting? Here is how you write a resume that will bag you your dream job.

Copywriter Resume

Just Do It” the Nike advertisement campaign rocked the world with its positive and fresh take, and urged the world to come out from a closet of skeptism. The tagline had an optimism and positive energy and was not just a marketing gimmick. These taglines stay with us, for the longest time and are created to develop immediate response from you, the customer. They also make up what is called as copywriting, in the advertising lingo. If you think you have it in you to ideate with just a few words and promote a product in a way that it will create ripples in its target group; then copywriting is a career for you. Now that you have come to terms with the fact that you probably have a niche in this highly creative field, selling yourself becomes an agenda. Your resume is the only thing that will help you achieve this. With a zillion other people trying to make a career out of copy writing, your resume needs to catch the eye, more so like an advertisement tagline that catches the eye. Here are some ways you can make your resume stand out in the milling crowd and make the employer take a double take as he gets bowled over by it.
Resume For A Copywriter 
  • The first thing an employer notices after your regular contact information is the “about me” part of a resume. Now when it comes to the “about me” part put in things that you are absolutely sure of. The “about me” part should not exceed more then a few lines. Anything longer than that, the employer is just going to trash it.
  • The next one on the list is called the “the great illusion” where you make the employer believe that you were created on the very face of this earth to work for him/her. This is pulled off by stating out your objective. Do not call that on your resume, because chances are that a million other people are going to do the same thing. You could take your chances by giving titles like “why we need each other” or “5 reasons why I think you need me”. Titles like these might not be taken seriously hence think before you ink.
  • Any copywriting job is easier to bag if you have had experience, so talk about your previous campaigns at length. If all your projects are still in the production stage or you don’t have any project experience then make specimen ads. Make sure that the specimen ads are related to the products the company is working on, that will just get you extra brownie points.
  • Lastly and most importantly, a normal human being has an attention span of 20 minutes when it comes to any reading material. Make your resume short and crisp, to the point yet delightfully refreshing.
Copywriter Resume Sample
Radhika Bala
114, Mallesh Palya

A young woman from the field of copywriting with a sense of humor, passion for life and an inherent talent in ideation.

Career Goal: Development and promotion of memorable advertising which will make people laugh with joy or in certain cases shed a tear or two.

  • Bachelor of Engineering from IIT Madras
  • Post graduation in Film making from Satayajit ray institute of film making Kolkata
  • Vidwat in carnatic music
  • Diploma in Related Graphics and Animation.

General Skills
  • Singer, Carnatic Music
  • Command over programming
  • Directed 4 short movies

Professional Skills
  • Knowledge on film making
  • Excellent communication skills
  • An ability to adapt and multitask

Professional Experience
  • 1 year with Balaji Telefilms as an assistant director for “ kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi”
  • 1 year with Oglivy and Mather as junior copywriter.
  • Scripted 3 corporate ads for Dell, IBM and Ernst & Young.
  • Made a documentary on Ladakh that got screened in the Mumbai international film festival, 2009.
Provision of references and contacts on demand. Experience letters attached.

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