Is business analysis your forte? Here is a business analyst resume to get you started.

Business Analyst Resume

After 5 years in the information technology industry, you feel that you know all the nitty-gritty’s of the IT industry. Your technical knowledge coupled with your thorough understanding of the industry gives you a foresight on all the risks that are involved in a project. At the client side, you understand what they want perfectly well and have a vision as to how it needs to be implemented. In short, you are the person who acts as a bridge between the business and the IT department. These intentions gear you up for the job profile of a business analyst. Business analysts are indispensable in today’s world. Their analysis makes a service oriented IT industry function at a saner pace. In a fast changing world, where getting work done is top priority these are the guys who ponder over businesses and find the problem before it becomes a bottleneck situation. These are also the guys who translate the business to a set of documents, which the IT department understands. So if you think that being a business analyst is your calling, then here are some tips to make your resume perfect to meet those needs.  
Business Analyst Resume Sample 
  • To start off, first outline the skills and knowledge that are essential for the job. Link those skills and knowledge to industry experience and education.
  • Link your skills especially in positions where you play the intermediary. It is essential to have in-depth knowledge of the business. Knowledge comes from experience, if you have no experience in the industry you want to get into as an analyst, reconsidering your choices is a suitable option.
  • The skills mentioned need to be supported by tools, make sure you mention the tools instrumental in business process re-engineering.
  • Furthermore, you need IT capabilities, feasibility, and relevance knowledge. These need to be addressed in turn on your resume. You could also include that in your experience.
  • If you have any certifications make sure you list them. All in all link analytical skills with technical/business background.
Resume Sample
Vijay Isaac - Business Analyst
Benson Town, Bangalore, India
[email protected]

To obtain a position as a business analyst and to utilize my skills to provide effective solution to help the organization achieve the maximum productivity.
Career Summary

2005 - Present: Business Analyst

Organization: WorldAnalyst Consulting Limited

Client Orientation / Project Assessment
  • Clarified client requirements, business needs, and project objectives, via feedback sessions and client meetings, in collaboration with all stakeholders.
  • Collaborated with Sales and Marketing teams, external ad agencies, third-party technology distributors to facilitate communication for successful project launches.
  • Conducted business analysis, project assessment, and feasibility determination.
 Scoping / Documentation / Budgeting
  • As the contest guru for an in-house interactive portal, developed documentation schema for online contests, interactive quizzes, and forums supporting major news, entertainment, and sports web sites.
  • Produced user manual for Content Management System.
  • Managed project budgets of up to 1 million and short-term projects of around 10 thousands.
Team Leadership / Resource Allocation / Scheduling
  • Led a team of up to 4 to 14 content developers and web designers, testers working on multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Coordinated work of employees and outside contractors to meet deadlines, budgets, and client demand. Provided situational leadership to motivate individuals.
  • Headed the information management team for a year.
Quality Assurance / Project Review
  • Assigned Q.A. team members to develop test cases, browser requirements, and functional analyses of online products.
  • Worked with internal and external clients, content producers and stakeholders to conduct interim project reviews and final project tweaks prior to launch.
Launch / Post-Launch Review
  • Timed successful launches of web sites to allow for system administrator support, developer resources, and training of content producers on Content Management Systems, and content delivery strategies..

B.A  English Literature
2002-2005 St Stephens College, Delhi

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