Your resume is the most important document when applying for a job which can makes an impression even without a face to face meeting. Read this article to know about resume format.

Resume Format

Writing a resume for the purpose of applying for a job is one of the most important as well as, much loathed processes. The reason for this is that self-analysis is seen as difficult and time consuming. While it may be time consuming to a certain extent, but it need not be such a pain if the process is taken up systematically. Resume has a slightly different format from a resume or a CV. This is because resume generally refers to factual information regarding your education, work experience and personality, without in-depth descriptions. While choosing a format for a resume, the important thing to keep in mind is what the job profile requires and what the company is looking for. You may omit certain sections which are not relevant to the job profile. Often, companies give the format for the resume themselves and the applicants have to adhere to it. Given below are tips and a usable format which can help you make an effective resume for the purpose of applying for a job.
Format For Resume
  • Try to make the data as relevant to the job profile as possible. This means list only those work experiences which are of any consequence to the job you are applying for.
  • Since the job descriptions have to be brief and to the point, make use of effective key words which go a long way in making your resume stand out.
  • If the format has not been defined, then take a few liberties by adding more descriptive sections like ‘About Yourself’ and ‘Achievements’. This will allow you to write more about strengths and personality. Even then, write the points in bullets and be brief. Make use of words which have high impact.
  • Make sure the spacing and alignments are perfect. This makes a good impression on anyone reading the resume as the effect is that the resume looks neat.
  • In writing your strengths and weaknesses, give an example from your work experience where you showed these personality traits.
  • Make sure you do not omit any important career skill which you may possess even if that may not directly seem to be related to the job profile.
Sample Resume Format
Name (In block letters):
Address for communication:
Permanent Address:
Email Address:
Personal Information:
Date of birth:
Father's Name:
Mother's Name:
Marital Status:
Languages known:
Career Objective:
(Write a career objective with the job profile in mind)
Details of Qualification:
Institute Name:
Year of Passing:
Work Experience:
Job Description/Responsibilities:
Project Name:
Tools Used:
Brief Description:
Details of Additional Courses/Training Undergone:
Details of Training:
Details Of Achievements And Extra Curricular Activities:
(Write about your extracurricular activities and achievements in bullets. Make sure you have testimonials for what you mention here.)
About Yourself:
Last Salary Drawn:
Other Career Skills:
(Write about your computer knowledge or any other additional professional skill you possess.)
Additional Information If Any:
(Write about any other details you would like to share with the prospective recruiters.)

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