Communication is the key to successful, profitable, and sustainable relationships, both personal and professional. To know all about communication techniques, scroll down.

Communication Techniques

Communication has many benefits. It strengthens your relationships, minimizes misunderstandings and improves your self-confidence. The ability to communicate effectively lies in the way you talk to the other person. Imagine you having a poor vocabulary, a bad body language and even worse, no courage to walk up to a person and talk to him. To avoid these major communication glitches, one needs to have the confidence to face people, a command over language and a suave body language. These are few communication techniques, which keeps an organization going. Without communication, it gets impossible to express your views and thoughts clearly to others. Your smartness and confidence lies in the way you talk and express yourself. Communicate effectively to keep your message clear and simple. If there is no good communication between two people, then the person would end up assuming things. To avoid that, here are few tips on how you can improve your communication skills and techniques.
Effective Communication Techniques
  • Analyze yourself. Know how you react to situations. Recognize your anger, happiness, anxieties, fears, and so on. It is all about how well you know about yourself and how you react to situations accordingly.
  • The technique lies in how effectively you bring out your ideas and make people listen to you. You cannot force a person to pay attention to what you want to share with them. All you need to do is to learn the tactics of it.
  • Listening acts as a road to good communication. Mostly we tend to hear things, and then pass it on as something pointless. Listening will help us to take a note of what others are saying and may be even respond to it properly.
  • Do not assume while listening. Only listen to what the other person says and do not interpret or assume its meaning even before he completes his statement. Communication is complete only when the speaker and the receiver understand the said statement in the same sense and meaning.
  • When you are talking to someone, look straight into the eyes. It shows your confidence and drives home your message perfectly. Lowering your glance when you speak defeats the purpose of effective communication.
  • Avoid arguments. Arguing does not help you in any way to achieve what you want. If you have a point, which you think is right, talk it out frankly. Do not raise your voice when not necessary. Raising your voice will not help you to communicate your message any better.
  • It is certainly not easy to hear and remember whatever the other person says. However, try to concentrate in the talking. Avoid selective hearing when it comes to matters, which are important like matters related to the workplace or in interviews.
  • Have a good body language while you talk. Maintain a good body posture. No matter how restless you feel, do not move or fidget while you talk. It is important for a person to keep a steady posture while talking. Keeping legs crossed while sitting, back straight, folding hands, etc. are signs of your attentiveness.
  • One should be a good listener as well as a speaker. You need to have a combination of both to be a good communicator . Listening needs more effort than talking. Listen to the other person when he talks. If the topic is not interesting then try reading his expressions.
  • Nod your head when you are listening. That shows your interest towards the person. Respond with words like ‘uh-huh’, ‘hmm’, etc. That shows your respect towards others feelings, ideas, and concepts.
  • Do not be vague when you tell your points and ideas. Be clear in what you say, and talk absolute sense. Do not talk just for the sake of talking. Have clear thoughts and do not impose your ideas on others.
  • Be patient. Do not show impatience and hurry. That totally makes the other person feel uncomfortable. Have a sense of what you are talking and to whom. Be formal in your talks where you have to be and casual where it is necessary.
  • Have a good sense of humor. Do not crack jokes insulting the other person’s views, expressions, or values. Make people happy with your talks.
Communication is effective if you know the skill and the right technique. A man cannot survive in solitude. He always needs people around to socialize, to feel good, and to share his opinions and views. Thus, it is important that a person knows effective communication techniques. 

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