Communication is vital to all areas of your life. Check out the communication skill activities to hone up your soft skills and be a winner all the way.

Communications Skill Activities

Do you dream of a successful career, excellent camaraderie with your co-workers, and a fun-filled workspace? If the answer to all these questions is a big ‘yes’, then you need to boost up your communication skills first. Whether in office, in parties, or at home, good communication with people around you is imperative for successful associations. Communication is the life-blood of all social, personal, and professional dealings. Hence, it is very essential to improve your communication skills. Although you will find many blogs, books and even people who can give you a few words of wisdom on how to bolster up your communication skills, know that it takes personal initiative to dump all inhibitions and be a people’s person. Here rolls in the need for communication skill activities. These activities expose you to tasks and challenges that not only help you to overcome your reservations, but also help you to mix and communicate with people in a better way. To learn more on communication skills activities, follow the write-up below. 
Effective Communication Skill Activities


Chinese Whisper
Chinese whisper or telephone game is a very popular and old communication activity. In this game, one player is given a slip containing a story or a few lines. He/she is then asked to read it carefully and then whisper the message into other person’s ear, who in turn whispers it into the ears of other players. The last player is asked to read out the message aloud and then the content is compared to the original story to find out the difference between the two. This activity brings to the fore an important understanding of how communication disrupts after passing through several channels, which is what happens in most organizations. 

Communication Without Eye Contact
You know that in a good and effective communication, eye contact and body language plays a very important role. A conversation without eye contact or gesture is monotonous and boring. In this particular activity, two people are asked to sit back to back sans any eye contact, and are given a topic to discuss. The audiences are then asked to compare this conversation to normal communication and spot the difference. Just like eye contact, knowing the body language of a person is very important while conversing. Your body language expresses things and feelings, which words cannot. You can use this activity to make your employees or fellow workers know the importance of body language and eye contact in effective conversation. 
Role Playing
Role-playing is one of the effective and popular activities, which demonstrates the power of proper communication skills. In this activity, a story line is given to the players who are asked to act it out on the stage. Once they are done, the audiences are asked to give their feedbacks. This encourages the players to understand their performance and even boost up their skills.
Listen And Draw
For this activity, you need at least five players. Make the players stand one behind another in a way so that they do not get to see each others faces. Give a blank paper to one of the players and a piece of image to the other. The one who gets the image has to instruct the other player to draw the same, without revealing the object. Here instructions are given using geometrical shapes like straight line, circle, etc.
Freeze And Go
This activity requires two volunteers who will be instructed to act according to the situation. For instance, you can set a scenario of a dentist and patient, where they have to act until you say ‘freeze’. When you call out freeze, the players should stand still without any movements. Again, when you say ‘go’, they will have to act a whole new different situation without discussing. This activity is helpful in understanding the non-verbal communication and to act quickly during urgency. 

These communication skills activities are a great way to boost co-operation and communication between people, teams, or organizations.

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