Hate your work? Try the following tips. They'll help in making your work a pleasurable experience.

How To Be Happy At Work

Work is worship! Yeah right! Tell that to people who hate the constant monotony of their work. Or to people who are stuck in wrong jobs, under wrong bosses and in wrong profiles. A common suggestion to them – quit and look for something better. However, you know how difficult and impractical that is. With demanding bosses, inhuman work schedules and insanely erratic shift timings, where even a look at oneself in the mirror has become an unaffordable luxury, looking for a new job is an absolute impossibility. Ok, maybe that was exaggerated but the point is that you cannot just quit and start a new life. You have bills to pay, personal commitments to keep and last, but not the least, a mouth – your mouth – to feed. Running away from the job is not even a distant possibility. So try to like what you do. If the following tips don’t help or don’t apply to you then maybe you could think of a change. However, for now try the following.
Being Happy At Work
Finding work or a workplace of your choice is a boon. However, not everyone is a lucky recipient of this boon. For those who do not like the drudgery of their jobs, life becomes difficult both in and out of office. Their overall morale may lower down considerably and even their personal lives get affected. Stop this from happening to yourself. Try the following tips and make your work-life work for you.
Start With A Positive Outlook
Happiness is generally a state of mind. It comes when you are free and relaxed and walks out when you close it out of you mind. Do not close yourself to happiness. Start everyday with a determination and a goal. This will keep you focused and stop your mind from digressing too much
Challenge Your Comfort Zone
Most of the times dissatisfaction breeds from boredom or lack of creativity. Don’t give in to the temptation of doing things in the same oft-beaten manner. Try something new. For e.g., redo your formats of storing and managing data. If possible, try seeking out new assignments and roles in your organisation.
Make Friends
Lack of camaraderie and social life at the workplace often bogs people down. Seek out for likeminded individuals and befriend them. Maybe having someone to talk to and share lunch with is all you need to end your misery.
Get Organised & Complete Your Tasks
Clutter is nuisance! Clean up all your mess by completing your pending files and never be behind schedule in your work. Not working optimally will not only create workloads but will generate a lot of flak from your seniors. Their constant nagging combined with your guilt maybe the reason why you abhor your job.
Reward Yourself
At the end of every important official thing you do, take a break. You deserve a break and you must always remember that. Even if it means sneaking behind your boss’ back to share bar of chocolate with your new office friend, you should not shy away from it. As long as your work is on time, you are punctual, and the work is perfect, you shouldn’t be scared.
Be Happy Outside Office
It’s not just your work-related grudges that you carry home. It is also the other way round. Make sure you strike a balance and keep your professional life from affecting your personal life. Keep away your personal tensions from your professional domain. Simple things to ensure this are:
  • Smile often and make yourself happy. Frowning for no reason never breeds happiness.
  • Pamper yourself by giving yourself a spa visit or game tickets. Nurture old hobby or busy yourself with something else that you like.
  • Have a healthy social life and try to catch up with friends as and when possible. Don’t just wilt away in boredom, create fun around you.
Move On
Finally, if even after trying every trick in the book your work-life doesn’t improve then maybe it is indeed time to move on. Maybe a job search can make you happy. However, make sure that you have given your best attempts at improving work-life before you decide to chuck everything and move on.

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