If you are looking for ways to overcome laziness, then this article provides you a few tips for overcoming laziness.

Overcoming Laziness

By 11 in the morning, you were supposed to wake up, take a shower, get dressed and take a cab to reach your prospective employer but all that you could manage was realize all of that at 55 minutes past 10. With barely 5 minutes in hand, you realize that this opportunity is also lost. You wish you had a magic wand that could help get everything as planned by 11 and bag you the job but alas, all is lost at least for today. If such is the state once is a while, you have nothing to worry but if every day you are faced with a similar situation, know that the bug of laziness has bit you badly. Unwillingness to act despite having the ability to do so is what you mean by laziness. For most of us, laziness has become a part of our being. Right from the start of the day, we succumb ourselves to laziness. First, we feel too lazy to wake up, and once up, the feeling of lethargy delays all our tasks. Such is the state that even the most basic of things such as bathing, eating are comprised at the cost of laziness. Postponing or procrastinating things is another form of laziness because most of the times, when things are postponed, they are never accomplished. While majority think laziness to be a product of modern lifestyle, it isn't so. Remember the Seven Deadly Sins that are being preached since the early Christian times. Out of the seven sins, the third sin is of sloth or laziness. As such, laziness has been a part of human behavior from the time when the civilization began and the responsibilities started being delegated. But, this does not mean that laziness cannot be overpowered. With a little bit of conscious effort, the feeling of lethargy can not only be controlled but got the better off. Here's how. Read and incorporate the same in your routine.
Overcoming Laziness       
  • If you ever feel lazy doing a task, ask yourself the question how important the task is? Will it help you or somebody you care about? This will help you realize the importance of that task and you will acquire the willingness to complete the same.
  • Self hypnotism is a great way to overcome laziness. Tell yourself you can do a particular work and remind yourself about it a number of times. If necessary, say it out loud, as it will help you grow some willingness to work.
  • Try breaking a big job into many smaller jobs and time frame. For e.g., if a task can be broken down into a number of smaller jobs or steps, take it as one small job at a time and set a time limit for each. This way, you will be able to complete one small task at a time with great ease. Don't forget to set up small rewards for each small target you set. This exercise eases up the pressure and hence, helps the brain to work suitably.
  • Once you have started on with a particular task, try not to take breaks in between as it will impair the momentum of work. Once stopped, it becomes difficult to get the same momentum for the work again. In case things get difficult in the process and you are tempted to leave it mid-way, don't give in to the idea. Instead, carry on with a greater determination than before. Just think that you don't have an option to give up.
  • It is natural to feel stressed out if you are continuously working for long hours. The body and the mind both need relaxation to keep the momentum going. In such circumstances, give yourself a break but time yourself. Try not to extend your break, as it will only aggravate the problem of laziness.
  • Jot down a list of goals, desires and things which motivate you and look at that list whenever you feel laziness winning over you. Motivating yourself time to time will help you get hold of your nerves. Strengthen your motivation through affirmations, visualization and thinking about the importance of performing your task or chore or achieving your goal.
  • Eating a healthy diet always helps, as there are certain foods which help balance the nutrients in the body, thereby keeping the body active. Along with having right diet, you can never underestimate the importance of the fluid intake. Most of the times we mistake our thirst to hunger and hog onto heavy foods that make us feel lazy. Instead, drink adequate amount of water and keep yourself hydrated.
If the above list is not able to help you get over the laziness then please visit a doctor as there might be some other problem and laziness might only be a symptom of that problem. The problem can be either physical or psychological, and you must get professional advice and appropriate treatment in either of the cases.

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