How you speak can change the way people perceive you? Read the article for tips on voice training and its importance.

Voice Training Tips

In the professional world, appearance matters. Although talent and caliber cannot be replaced by outward show, it can definitely be enhanced by appearance. And the most important thing about appearance is not the outfit, but the speech. The impression that you leave on other people is primarily influenced by the way you speak. Apart from the content of your speech, clarity and command over your voice plays a crucial role on how you sound to people. Caliber might take you only so far, but if you know how to communicate clearly and effectively, you can reach new heights of success. Therefore, speech is a major part of your image, giving a reflection of who you are, or who you want to be, to others. Not just professionally, a clear and effective voice is a boon even for our everyday life purposes. Voice training is helpful even for those who have a trouble gaining command over their voices or do not know how to modulate their voice to their advantage. Here are some tips that can prove extremely useful in making your voice deep and attractive
Some Basic Voice Training Tips
  • One rule of thumb to remember while speaking clearly is to utter every word completely. Although we may start a sentence on a high note, it usually happens that we end the sentence in a lower tone, which is often termed as “eating up the last words”. This can be avoided by putting efforts on the last word thereby, making yourself completely audible.
  • Make your speech slow, so that each word gets its entitled attention.
  • Intonation of words and sentences is very important. Each language has its own intonation criteria. Whichever language you are conversing in, make sure you have the intonations right.
  • When you speak, take breaths that fill your lung and then use the diaphragm aptly to push out the air with words in a controlled way.
  • Try to control your voice as much as possible.
  • It is important that you listen to yourself. It is true that everybody dreads listening to his/her own recorded voice, but it is important to know where exactly repair-work is required. It also helps you to keep a track on the progress you have made.
  • Speaking with nose is a big turn off. It is a disadvantage as it inhibits your voice from becoming deep and clear. It requires some efforts but can be changed.
  • Speaking soft is good, but being too soft can leave the person on the other side thinking that he/she has a hearing problem. This does not mean that you need to be loud all the time. You just need to learn how to balance and moderate your volume and tones. 
Some Simple Exercises
  • Several vocal exercises can help you to make your voice deep. One of them is the exercise of humming.
  • Knowing how to control your larynx will help you to achieve a great voice. To do this, you need to place your index finger in the ridge, which is at the top of Adam’s apple and say the word “drum”.
  • Another exercise is “lip roll”. For this, you need to place your hands on your cheeks, pressing them hard enough to feel your teeth. After this, you need to blow through your mouth while murmuring the five vowels in consistent tones. 
Attractive and effective speech may be an inborn talent. Nevertheless, it can be acquired through training as well. Although the exercises are very simple for making your voice nice and attractive, sometimes it is better to take professional help in doing so.  

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