A person talking loudly on the phone in the workplace makes for extremely rude behavior. Read your way through this article for tips on maintaining phone etiquette at the office.

Office Phone Etiquette

The phone etiquette of a company’s employees, in more ways than one, adds directly to the success of the company. This is exactly why most companies spend as much they do on ensuring that they have at their disposal a work force that knows more than a thing or two about phone etiquette. With the globalization of businesses, it is simply impossible for people to meet just to initiate a business deal. This is exactly where Alexander Graham Bell’s marvelous invention steps in to make things that much easier. Companies and organizations today receive and make hundreds of phone calls on a daily basis making it extremely important for almost every single employee to be aware of how to speak on the phone. Here, it’s not just about pleasing the caller or the person you are calling. It is also about ensuring that when you talk on the phone, you are not disturbing the people who are working around you. Read on to gain-access to enormously functional tips on workplace phone etiquette.
Phone Etiquette In Workplace 
  • The first and foremost thing to do to fulfill the requirements of workplace phone etiquette is to put your cell phone on silent. No one at work is interested in hearing your ringtone no matter how ‘cool’ you may think it is.
  • If you however have to have your phone on loud, ensure your phone does not ring for more than three times in office.
  • Practice good listening when on the phone. This works well for both you and the person on the other end of the line.
  • Never, ever shout on the phone.
  • When calling someone, always ask for their name and address them by the same.
  • Do not pick up a call if you are busy eating something or chewing gum. This is simply as unprofessional you can get.
  • If you are not sure you can pick a call, but still want to know why you are being called, simply let the call go on to your voicemail. Check your voicemail when you’re less busy.
  • If you tell a caller that you will return his/her call, make it a point to do that. When checking your voicemail, return calls if you feel the same is warranted.
  • As far as possible, avoid taking cell phones to a meeting. No matter what, when in the meeting, do not look at your phone when you get a call or a message. This only shows that you are disinterested and slightly rebellious too.
  • When making a business call, be prepared with your facts. Do not assume that the person you are calling will be aware of your intentions for calling. Make it a point to specify the purpose of the call.
  • The golden rule is that when picking or making calls at work, start off the conversation with an appropriate greeting. Also, maintain a polite and polished tone of voice throughout the conversation.
  • Never, interrupt the individual talking to you on the phone. Hear him/her out before coming up with a response.
  • Do not rush through your phone calls, practice patience instead. Strive to achieve unrushed, crisp, and clear passing of information. If you have no time to hear a person out or talk, promise to return the call and ensure you do the same.
  • Do not make a work-related phone call before 8:00am or after 9:00pm, unless you are completely sure that the other party would be okay with your early morning or late night call.
  • When hanging up after a conversation, try to do so after the person you were talking to does or hang up with a hint of gentleness. Slamming the receiver is simply not allowed.
  • Have a notepad to write on and a pen around you when on the phone. This will help you take down important information.
  • Smile when on the phone, even though the person on the other end of the line cannot see you smile, he or she will just know you are smiling by your tone of voice.
  • Be respectful. You do not have an option here.
  • If there is a problem, make it a point to show concern and willingness to help sort out the issue.

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